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UnCategorized Companies that manufacture shampoo aren’t trying to create a damaging hair thinning shampoo. Most are striving to create products that keep hair in decent shape at an affordable price. After all, if everyone’s hair fell out who would be left to buy shampoo? But in reality it ends up boiling down to profit and loss or economics. The cheaper the product the more likely it is to fall into the category of a damaging thinning hair shampoo. Think about this for a minute, if you go to the store to buy organic or natural you will pay more for these types of ingredients, right? Well hair product manufacturers are no different, and probably every day the CEO of that mega hair thinning shampoo manufacturer wakes up trying to figure out how to make a better product that will make the company more profitable. His/her dilemma is this, there are only limited supplies of organic or chemical free ingredients to make millions of bottles of shampoo annually and they are expensive. It makes no sense to produce a product that loses the company money or can’t be produced on a mass scale. When you strip away all the fluff, shampoos primary goal is to strip away dirt and grime. After all isn’t this what we pay for? Nevertheless, along with the dirt and grime a portion of the hairs natural protective oil and coatings will go down the drain as well. Once the hairs protecting coating is gone the hair shaft will become brittle and tend to break creating the appearance of thinning hair. Now at this point most people will grab for the conditioner bottle to apply a paraffin or other coating to protect the hair shaft. This second step simply weights down the already damaged hair and leads to more breakage. So really when you get right down to it most inexpensive hair cleansers are likely prime candidates for the damaging thin hair shampoo hall of fame. So if we want to keep our hair in good shape and avoid accelerating the natural balding and thinning process we must get proactive and creative. Let me give a couple of affordable ideas that have worked others and they just might prove helpful to you as well. 1. Use aloe as an after shampoo conditioner: Aloe is light, has a pleasant aroma, and won’t make your hair feel oily or greasy. Aloe has been used for hundreds of years by numerous cultures, for both scalp and hair treatment and health. If you want to get really creative you can make your own home made shampoo using aloe as a base. One of the best formulations consists of aloe combined with small amounts of almond oil, wheat germ oil, and coconut milk. This is a great thin hair shampoo that just might produce some unexpected and surprising results. 2. Take it to the next level: There are currently a handful of hair growth products (specially formulated for both men and women), which have been proven effective both in blocking harmful hormones and bringing the all important dead hair follicles back to life. These specially formulated treatments can be used both as a preventative tool, starting before hair loss becomes severe, or after loss of hair has become noticeable. Whatever the level of balding or thinning you are experiencing these products may be just what is needed to overcome this latest life challenge. In summary, our goal is to stay away from harsh hair damaging products, and strive to either buy or formulate a thin hair shampoo or treatment that will assist us in achieving a full, healthy head of hair for many years to come. Hover ever if your hair is currently falling out it would be best to jump on the train early and start to alleviate and reverse hair damage, Say for example you were to notice a lump in your breast or other part of your body, would you continue to ignore it until it was pain full, probably not. I have seen it happen time and time again a person ignores the problem until it cannot be ignored any longer, and by that time irreversible damage has been done, rather then if they would have taken the bull by the horns and treated the condition earlier much, if not all of the damage could have been stopped and reversed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: