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Credit If you’re like everyone else, you’ve received a letter in the mail saying you’re pre-approved for a credit card’ from the specified company. If you choose to open the sent envelope, the numbers of how much money you’ll be granted are large, but the rules and what you’re actually getting are small enough to miss. What does this mean to you? An unsecured card is essentially for someone with good credit, who the credit card company trusts enough to pay off their debt on a monthly basis. Unsecured credit cards are held by a majority of people, and tend to be the most desired option. It allows for the user to make purchases and pay it back in monthly increments set by the credit card company. Secured credit cards, on the other hand, are for those with unsteady, erratic and unsatisfactory credit, who have a history of late or not forthcoming payments. With a secured card, the credit card company requires the amount desired to be deposited before the card is issued. Upon receiving the deposit, your credit line is established for that amount. The deposit acts as a safety net, and if payments are not made, the company will take payment from your original deposit. Unsecured cards do not require a deposit, and the consumer is allowed more freedom with spending and repayment. If the payments are on time, the limit allowed will be increased if desired. If, however, payments are not paid on time, credit card companies will continue to add additional late charges, as well as a certain amount of interest that also must be repaid. The interest varies, but can be as low as single digits and as high as 20% on your outstanding debt. Pre-approved is another term used to lure in new credit card customers. Credit cards must always be applied for, and involved with this is a listing of the applicant’s occupation, income, other debt and similar factors. Once the application is submitted, the credit card supplier will examine the numbers and decide if you will be able and likely to repay your credit card purchases. Pre-approved means the credit card company has obtained your credit score from a credit bureau such as Equifax and Transunion and already is aware of your good credit. You do still have to go through an application process, and the credit line advertised is not necessarily what you will get, but there is a better chance of being approved in this method than simply applying blindly for a credit card, in general. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: