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Software By Bob Downs When planning travel in Europe or around the world many travelers overlook the cost of cell phone use abroad. As a business traveler, student abroad, or an occasional traveler, you dont want to have to worry about staying in touch with the office, family back home, or traveling companions. Using a rental cell phone to stay in touch is convenient and cost effective. Cell phones can be used to confirm or make reservations, call home, or confirm business appointments. They also let you avoid the extraordinary international calling rates charged by hotels and pay phones. Many travelers dont realize that the cell phone standards and the equipment that most of us use in the USA are incompatible with the GSM (Global System for worldwide Mobile communication) 900/1800 standards used abroad. If your phone does work overseas, depending on your service, you can wind up paying expensive roaming rates plus other hidden charges like VAT taxes and mobile termination fees (some companies charge as much as fifty cents per minute). Simply put, if your cell phone is not unlocked or your phone does not work overseas, you may want to rent a phone for your travel. There are a lot of companies that rent cell phones to travelers. Be careful, almost all of these cell phone services add extra fees not included in their quoted price. One company helps to make cellphone use more affordable, rent cell phone for travel .With their new lower rates Roberts Rent-A-Phone provides more affordable travel cell phone rentals at everyday rates lower than their competitions discounted rates. Also, they do not add Vat taxes, connection charges, mobile termination charges etc. Thankfully, you can rent an international cell phone on the internet before you depart. We think this is a better option than renting a phone on arrival at your destination because local inventories tend to be depleted and phones may not be available at all times and, you wont be able to disseminate your contact number before you depart. If you rent from one of the companies on the web, remember that not all companies include all charges in their quoted rates (be sure that you read their terms). This can result in your charges being 2 to 3 times more than the quoted minute rates. These companies also rent satellite phones for locations where cell phone coverage is limited such as, on cruises, n undeveloped regions and state parks. Roberts Rent-A-Phone is one of the online cell phone rental companies. During their 15 years of service to the travel industry they have developed a highly regarded reputation for providing quality equipment and personal customer service. Roberts has developed a simple one page order/contract form. Unlike their competitors, there are no hidden charges and there is no fine print. They do not add VAT taxes, international connectivity charges, roaming or mobile termination fees to their quoted rates. Their phones work in over 130 countries, with simple order forms designed for different regions of travel worldwide. These regions include: Africa, Asia (including Australia), Caribbean, Europe, East Europe, France only, Italy only, Middle East, South America and the UK. A recent customer had this to say about Roberts Rent-A-Phones commitment to customer satisfaction: THANK YOU!! THANK YOU! You bailed us out big-time Your service is beyond excellent. I am letting everybody we know about your fine service and kindness. There are many folks who had kids on the trip to Italy that wished they had used Roberts Rent-A-Phone. Again many thanks for the last minute delivery with no prior notice from us. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Meredith B and family PS Our daughter called every day with no trouble! With customer feed back like this, it is easy to see why Roberts Rent-A-Phone has been the best choice for international cell phone rental for over fifteen years. Their pricing is lower than ever, they dont add Vat taxes or any other hidden charges like mobile termination fees. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: