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Legal If there is one thing attorneys dislike but find it unavoidable, is to keep track of the hours they have put in for each client, the money received and associated with book keeping. As clientele grows, they have to devote more time to such book keeping activities and find it clashes with their main work: legal practice. If done manually, it involves long hours of work. An attorney billing software or a lawyer billing software , as it is known, uses computerized technology to help lawyers. Most lawyers usually operate on an hourly billing model. If he has only a few clients, it does not take much time to keep track. However, as clients grow the work load increases. A legal time and billing software is just what a busy lawyer needs to remain up to date on the accounts side without losing focus of his practice. Some lawyers work on a fixed fee basis, regardless of the number of hours or days a case takes up, with incidental expenses charged separately as they crop up with the progress of the case. In such cases too the legal billing software proves invaluable, keeping the fee separate from the various expenses that are all accounted separately. A lawyer can easily generate reports and print these for his and his client’s convenience and for transparency in dealings. Some lawyers work on a retainer plus hourly billing basis with expenses accounted for separately. A retainer or advance needs to be accounted for under a separate head and might complicate matters were it not for the sophisticated facilities of the legal billing and accounting software so easily available these days. At any point in time an attorney can review account status and if need be call for funds to top up the account. Law office billing software is just as useful for those lawyers involved in personal injury cases, working on a contingency billing method. The law firm billing software has inbuilt utilities that permit him to calculate the claim amount, his percentage if he wins and the costs that he incurs, all under separate heads. In each case, the lawyer simply enters the figures in a menu-based screen and the software takes care of most of the things in the background. Since accounts are always current, he never faces any problems with audit and can devote more time to working on cases, gaining more cases and generating more revenue. A well thought out and designed legal billing software will integrate all financial transactions in an easy to use interface with facilities to generate reports, bills and statements at the click of a button. In today’s busy environment, the software is indispensable. 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