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Home-and-Family Notwithstanding the bad economy and the lingering problems of real estate markets in the US, San Clemente real estate remains resilient and healthy. In fact, it is one of the few real estate markets that continue to post decent growth rates in the last couple of years. Home buyers can chose from a wide range of ocean view homes, waterfront mansions, estate homes, townhomes and condominiums. Gated Communities in San Clemente San Clemente consists of several neighborhoods which include Cyprus Cove, Central Pier Bowl, Marblehead, Forster Ranch, Talega, Rancho San Clemente and Northern San Clemente. Each of these neighborhoods boasts of several posh residential enclaves. There are more than 30 private gated communities, including several 24/7 guarded residential enclaves. There are several options for home buyers when it comes to ocean view homes and beach mansions in gated communities. These include ocean front upscale gated communities, secured condominium complexes and secured townhomes. High-end homes inside gated communities in San Clemente include estate homes located in Cotton Point and luxury beach mansions in Cyprus Shore and Cyprus Cove, Dana Point Harbor and ocean view homes located in SeaPointe Estates. San Clemente has a small number of exclusive gated communities that cut across several price points. For instance, you may consider high value real properties in La Ladera, Cotton’s Point, The Breakers, Cyprus Shore and Cyprus Cove if you are looking for high end waterfront homes and beach mansions. The beach front homes have direct access to the private section of Laguna Beach. Beach Homes in Central San Clemente Central San Clemente is home to about 17 communities, each of these residential enclaves have their own distinct characteristics, price range, amenities and home styles. Some of the gated communities feature homes with prices under $1 million, while other communities are dominated by grand homes with prices that can go as high as $20 million. Some of the popular gated communities in Central San Clemente include Bluffs, Beachwalk, Barrington, Casa Grande, Cyprus Shore, Cyprus Cove, Villa Grande, Villa Granada and Villa Hermosa. Beach Homes in Northern San Clemente Those who are looking for the best priced yet luxurious beach mansions and oceanfront homes should begin with the gated communities in Northern San Clemente. On the other hand, if the price tag is not a major limitation, then you should consider high-end real properties, including custom ocean view homes, with prices that are well over $1 million as well as the luxurious beachfront homes with price tags as high as $20 million. These high value homes are located in upscale communities that boast of state-of the-art amenities, sports facilities, shopping outlets and fine restaurants. Some of the popular gated communities in Northern San Clemente include Colony Cove, Manzana Estates, Harbor Estates, Ocean Hills, Mira Costa Villas, Sea Pointe Estates, Summer Place and San Clemente Terrace. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: