50 acres of water laver vandalism by loss of over one million farmers in Fuqing aapt.exe

50 acres of water laver vandalism by Fuqing farmers loss of over one million watched by rope laver cut, farmers tears. Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog) October 23rd news (reporter Wang Guanghuiwen photo) this is the first two days of seaweed harvesting market days, can Sanshan town of Fuqing city village before Xue seaweed farmers old Xue but also how happy. From the evening of 16 to the day before yesterday, they are located in Fuqing village in front of the building area of Porphyra area two times in a row being malicious rope cut, damaged area of about 50 acres, the loss of over one million yuan. Currently, the local border police station has been involved in the investigation. Farmers a year white busy yesterday morning, the Fuzhou evening news reporter (micro-blog) arrived in San Shan Zhen Qian Xue Cun pier, with farmers who sailed to Fuqing floor before the village sea laver cultivation area. Farmers along the old Xue pointed out, reporters saw the sea, everywhere a neat seaweed farming area, there are two pieces of seaweed Tian is very confusing, has not yet formed, some were washed the laver and the rope together, even as a "long rope", by floating in the sea. Farmers Wu told reporters, on the morning of 17 of their inspections, found that some seaweed farming district vandalism, breeding the rope had been cut, bamboo is pulled, laver scattered everywhere. On the same day they called the workers to repair, I did not expect, second days to repair the rope was cut off malicious. The rope had been cut after malicious, seaweed may be washed away by the sea, and may also be because of rope winding to harvest together, destruction of an area of about 50 acres, the two day can only repair a little bit count." Old Xue said, after hearing the news, he had two consecutive days of insomnia, he and 4 relatives borrowed money contract put all sorts of things together in this area of farming seaweed, and only the direct loss of laver have hundreds of thousands of yuan. "A year of production in six seaweed water, raising laver rope is cut off, it means that farmers this year white busy, then laver also cannot produce, the total economic losses of more than one million yuan." Old Wu Yue, farmers suspected to be acquaintances. Border investigation according to the old Xue, in front of the building is leased their village area, belongs to deep-sea aquaculture area, in the farming areas also have other seaweed farming households, but only their home this year, good growth, high quality of laver, originally intended to harvest listed yesterday. Lao Xue told reporters that the situation is relatively complex sea area, the entire area of the seaweed is only their home was destroyed, the man who started to be familiar with the entire sea. "We will usually come inspections, only 15 and 16 in the evening did not come, laver during that time was destroyed, we usually do not offend what people, seeing the seaweed would have a good harvest, but did not expect one after another by hand, is really hateful." Wu both sad and helpless. After the incident, farmers reported to the police. At present, three border police station has been involved in the investigation. (Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章: