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4 year old girl was beaten by his mother injured yet out of danger at 10 this evening, Soviet attached children hospital Park Institute emergency resuscitation room treated a 4 year old girl. The surgeon examination, patients showed: intracranial hemorrhage, cerebral contusion, fracture of pelvis, abdominal effusion, multiple skin contusion injury, soft tissue injury, as the manuscript is issued, the child has not yet out of danger. Suzhou reporter saw the scene, the child covered all over the purple, it is incredible that these serious trauma is actually her biological mother! In the rescue room, the reporter saw the child’s biological mother met a strict, dirty face, silent, the presence of the police are keeping a close watch on a strict every act and every move. Suzhou reporter learned from the Taicang City Police Department, the first child was sent to Taicang city first people’s hospital emergency department for treatment, then a strict in the hospital is still on the scene and her children strike violently, another 7 year old daughter, the medical staff rushed to the police. Due to their severe illness, the hospital immediately notify the 120 emergency vehicles, the child was transferred to the Soviet zone attached children hospital general hospital. "Doctors in Taicang said that the child was cerebral hemorrhage, pulmonary edema, fracture of the lower body, the situation is not optimistic." The accompanying police told reporters. According to the preliminary understanding of the police, the child’s father owed a huge amount of usury, leaving his family missing, Yan claimed that lead to bad mood, take the child out of the air. At present, the police have strict control, and will do further investigation. In the corner of the resuscitation room, the 7 year old sister crouched crouched on the ground, the expression dull, the reporter asked her questions, the girl can not normally organize the statement, but constantly shaking his head.

4岁女童被亲生母亲殴打致重伤 暂未脱离生命危险 今天晚上10点,苏大附儿院园区总院急诊抢救室收治了一位4岁女童。经外科医生检查,患儿表现为:颅内出血、脑挫伤、盆骨骨折、腹腔积液、多处皮肤挫伤创伤,软组织损伤,截止稿件发出时,孩子尚未脱离生命危险。看苏州记者现场看到,孩子浑身遍布青紫,令人难以置信的是,这些严重外伤竟然都是她的亲生母亲所为!在抢救室内,记者见到了孩子的亲生母亲严某,碰头垢面,闭口不语,在场警方正严密监视着严某的一举一动。看苏州记者从太仓市警方处了解到,孩子起先被送到太仓市第一人民医院急诊科救治,当时严某在医院里依然对孩子大打出手,在场的还有她另一个7岁的女儿,医护人员见状立即报警。由于孩子病情较重,医院立马通知120急救车,将孩子转院至苏大附儿院园区总院。“太仓的医生说,孩子当时脑出血,肺水肿,下半身骨折,情况不容乐观。”陪同前来的警察告诉记者。据警方初步了解,孩子的父亲欠下巨额高利贷,丢下家人失踪,严某声称因此导致情绪不佳,拿孩子出气。目前警方已经将严某控制,并将做进一步调查。在抢救室的角落,患儿7岁的姐姐蜷缩着蹲坐在地,表情呆滞,记者问她问题时,女孩无法正常组织语句,只是不停的摇头。相关的主题文章: