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Finance In todays lifestyle, having a mobile phone is a definite must. Gone are the day where these mobile phones were used only to make calls. Today you can use them for plenty of activities that range from sending messages, emails, surf the internet, download data and even send money. But there are two ways one can do this. One is by getting charged for the data that is used. The second option is by using the prepaid option. In the prepaid option, one would have a prepaid recharge which would be deducted based on the amount the data is used. Once the data has been expended, you would need to recharge again. With so many online mobile recharge options, which is the best options for an instant one? We give you four options that can assist you: Net Bank recharge Banks are now be.ing more convenient when it .es to its facilities. They are now offering all banking functionality through their website and own apps. If you have a bank account, you can sight up for the Net bank recharge. Through this process, you can use all the banking facilities online, which also includes online mobile recharge. Just sign into your account and select the option for mobile recharge. You can even access the option through the app. Since your phone number will be registered through your bank account, it will automatically make the transfer. Mobile recharge The second option to get the mobile recharge you want through the cellular service itself. Cellular services like Vodafone, Airtel and various others have their own online mobile recharge. All you need to do is log online to their website and register your phone number with their own online account. Additionally, you can download the app and register your number there. Once the registration process is .pleted, you only need to put in your banking card details to make the transfer and get the mobile recharge you want. Balance transfer Another option that most cellular services offer is the balance transfer. Through this facility, one can transfer recharge from one prepaid account to another. One would just have to put in a certain code, along with the mobile number and the amount of charge that one would want to transfer. A certain amount of your funds will be deducted in transfer charges. However, this service is only restricted to mobile connections within the same cellular service. Third party apps Like third party vendors, there are several third party apps that offer recharges for different mediums. This includes mobile recharges, DTH and other recharges. Once you apply for these recharges, you can discounts and deals on the other changes too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: