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Affiliate-Revenue In order to make sales, you must get plenty of website traffic. Marketers are encouraged at an early stage to get website traffic from the search engines and for a specific reason. It takes months for a site with well-optimized pages and decent backlinks to rank well on the search engines for a targeted keyword. Plus, you have to be mindful of the strength of the .petition involved as well. Search engine optimization is a good way to get a lot of website traffic for the long-haul. While you’re setting up your site for future traffic, there are 4 other non-SEO ways to get website traffic that can help bring immediate visitors to your website. 1. Guest Blogging. One of the best ways to get website traffic is to leverage a similar site that is already receiving the types of visitors you’re aiming for. Many bloggers don’t mind having guest writers submit a post to their sites, allowing them to take a break from writing for a little bit. It helps both the guest writer and the blog owner. The blog owner gains fresh content for his site while the guest writer receives tons of targeted traffic to his website along with a backlink. 2. Paid Advertising. While PPC advertising is the most popular form of advertising online, it is not the only kind. In the same manner that you can get website traffic from submitting a blog post, you can also advertise on a high-traffic blog. You normally pay a set price per month for the different ad formats the blog allows. It’s still cheaper than pay-per-click advertising as a whole. Some blog owners allow both guest blogging and advertising. You might want to examine the traffic with guest blogging first. 3. Classified Ads. Classified ads can be a little dicey but still effective when used correctly. Some niches will be more successful than others. Classified ads are highly suspicious of ads that are promoting business opportunities. They don’t want conniving marketers to use their advertising platforms as a haven for scams. Some classified ads have areas specifically for home business opportunities. Be sure that you follow the rules to avoid being banned. When done correctly, classified ads can be a terrific way to get website traffic because you’re finding an audience that is in the mindset to buy. 4. Social Media. You’ve seen the Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed and other social media sites that keep people actively involved. Rather than have the traffic .e to you, you go to where the traffic is actively swarming. You have to be delicate when using social media for marketing. People are there mostly to socialize. It’s a lot like being at a party and having fun. Do people appreciate a party pooper who socializes just to hawk his wares to everyone in the room? There is nothing wrong teaming up with similar-minded people, including other marketers. But don’t be too desperate to sell just because you can send information with the click of a button. Strike the right balance. To get the best traffic to your website, you certainly want to maximize both SEO and non-SEO ways. When employing the proper traffic methods, having good website copy and delivering value, you will make money over time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: