2016 Chengdu auto show Dongfeng Honda gienia Rui Rui first – Sohu car kamikaze love

The 2016 Chengdu auto show: Dongfeng Honda automobile Sohu – Rui Gienia competing first automobile Sohu [2016 Chengdu auto] new Dongfeng Honda Gienia hatchback. Rui at the Chengdu auto show officially starting. The car can be seen as a cash Gerui hatchback version, in power will continue to use L15B 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum output power of 131 horsepower. It is reported that the new car will be officially listed in October 18th. The new face of other reference design CONCEPT B concept car, the 2014 Beijing auto show, forward trapezoidal grille design, the overall shape is stereoscopic. In addition, the new car headlight design group and Gerui models are basically the same. The rear part of the new car will use hatchback styling, tail design fastback has small spoiler. The taillights of the new car with a through type design, and on both sides of the rear bumper with chrome trim, the basic concept of the car to maintain the design elements ConceptB. In addition, the new car’s length and breadth were 45171705 1477mm, wheelbase 2600mm, compared Gerui in body length increased by 22mm. Power, Dongfeng Honda Gienia will be equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, maximum power 131 hp. Transmission, the engine is expected to match the 5 speed manual or CVT gearbox.相关的主题文章: