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10 kinds of food so double nutrition [Abstract] food and nutrition collocation is good not only for the color and flavor, but also to make full nutrition and double. Some of the food must not mix together, and collocation some food will make more nutrition. Why do we have to match the food, and what are the principles of collocation, one, ten common food with the 1, sesame seeds with kelp put them together with cooking, can play the role of beauty, anti-aging. Because sesame can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, linoleic acid has the function of regulating cholesterol, vitamin E and anti-aging. Kelp contains calcium and iodine, can purify the blood. To promote the synthesis of thyroxine, both in one, the effect of doubling. 2, liver with spinach and spinach have the function of blood, a work of a prime, complement each other, for the treatment of anemia effect. 3, the brown rice steamed brown rice with coffee crushed into powder, add milk and sugar can be consumed, rice is rich in nutrition and curative effect on the treatment of hemorrhoids, constipation, hypertension and other good coffee, refreshing, mix with brown rice, more flavor. 4, beef and potatoes with high nutritional value, and the role of the spleen and stomach. However, rough beef, and sometimes destroy the gastric mucosa, potatoes and cooked with it, not only taste good, and potatoes are rich in vitamins, can play a role in the protection of gastric mucosa. With Ziyin Runzao 5, lily with egg, tranquilize the efficacy of Chinese medicine, water lily phlegm, complement deficiency, and egg yolk can Chufan heat, nourishing yin and blood sugar between the two conditioning effect is better. 6, ginger mutton lamb with warm cold warm yang, ginger, mutual collocation, warm with warm, but can also drive evil, cold pain and governance. 7, soft shelled turtle with honey not only sweet is delicious and pleasant, but also rich in protein, fat, vitamins, and contains acid, the acid, silicate, physical agent is not much, to heart disease, stomach disease, anemia have the curative effect, can promote growth, prevent aging. 8, duck with yam can supplement the body of water and nourishing Yin, and can eliminate heat cough. Yam Yin force is stronger, and the duck with the food, can eliminate greasy, Bufei effect is better. 9, carp with vinegar carp have their own wash water power, the human body is mostly swollen in nephritis edema, vinegar have the dampness of the function, if a total of food and carp, the dampness of the double function. 10, meat with garlic as the saying goes: "no meat, garlic, nutrition by half", which is a certain scientific truth, from a scientific point of view, meat and garlic should indeed be accompanied by food. According to the research, production of vitamin B in lean meat containing ingredients, and vitamin B in the human body for a short time, then eat meat with garlic, not only can make the analysis of vitamin B content increased several times, making it the original properties of water soluble become soluble in fat nature, from prolonged vitamin the residence time of B in the human body, promote blood circulation and so on as soon as possible to eliminate body fatigue, have important significance of nutrition, increase physical fitness etc. Therefore, when the meat, don’t forget to eat a few cloves of garlic. Two, the staple food collocation skills 1, the thickness of collocation, grain and bean food such as rice cake mix two (standard flour and corn meal 1/2), mung bean porridge, small Zhi Huajuan with Sesame Paste, sweet potato porridge. 2, grain and vegetable, grain and fruit collocation is the most common place相关的主题文章: