50China Ping an undervalued agency said the best opportunity to buy|China Ping an undervalued agency said the best opportunity to buy3

China Ping An underestimated the valuation agency said the best opportunity to buy Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! International research institutions believe that China Ping An’s two business Internet banking and life insurance, the capital market should be re pricing, the impact of the company’s valuation will be greatly improved. Reporter Xue Yumin capital market has an interesting phenomenon: a lot of those companies with the concept of Internet banking, even if there is no profit, the market will be sought after. As a representative of China’s comprehensive financial security has yet to be recognized by the market, the state is undervalued in the long term. But that is changing. HSBC James.E.Garner (Chinese well-known analyst "Jane Pusi") released the latest research report, re evaluation of safe business model, for the first time to cancel the comprehensive financial valuation of 20% discount, the Ping An shares and A shares raised rating to buy". This is the overall layout of the Ping An Group and promote the development of Internet banking and financial disclosure of changes in financial reporting, the international bank for the first time a clear understanding of the beginning of a comprehensive understanding of peace. As of September 2nd, the company’s share price of HK $41.55 shares. After the adjustment, the company H and A target price of HK $56 (the original HK$45 yuan) and 47 yuan (the original Rmb38 yuan), implied in the space of 35%, up. Another national research institutions at Chinese for Ping An’s life insurance business also re evaluated, they believe that Ping An life over the past 10 years of outstanding performance, adjusted net assets income rate has been higher than 30%, but the market has been neglected. Integrated financial model is recognized James.E.Garner said that after the China Ping An has been rated 20% comprehensive financial discount. In developed countries, the pursuit of a comprehensive financial model of peace has been tried, but most failed in the end. Comprehensive financial enterprises in developed markets not only to investors because of the complexity of the burden, but also did not give investors the benefits they ballyhoo. They spent two years to make peace of the business model, the decision to remove this comprehensive enterprise discount. They believe that Ping an integrated financial model and developed market interbank financial control mode is very different, and peace in the current environment is easier to succeed. According to the results of the first half of 2016, Ping an integrated financial + Internet model has created a significant value, that is, 36% of new customers from Ping An to build the closed-loop ecosystem of the Internet four. James.E.Garner optimistic about peace also mentioned a lot of reasons. First, it has a first-class insurance and insurance business, two business accounted for 52% of the total profits of peace. Second, the solvency adequacy ratio of Ping An is much higher than the recent minimum level of regulation, the future can be raised by issuing subordinated debt mixed debt solvency. Third, peace has a dynamic, innovative and value oriented management team. Fourth, Ping An non state-owned enterprises, which is different from the superior theory

26Yan Zhide Department of a control law of people to resist suv- auto Sohu|Yan Zhide Department of a control law of people to resist suv- auto Sohu0

Yan Zhide Department of a control law that makes eyebrows SUV- a few years ago TOYOTA automobile Sohu were in trouble, TOYOTA boss Akiotoyoda vowed to create "exciting" car, over the past few years, I do not know what he meets this standard TOYOTA car? Akiotoyoda: to produce an exciting car! Indeed, in so many brands and models today, to produce exciting car is really not easy. Dongfeng Peugeot is about to be listed on the 4008 may meet the standards of Akiotoyoda – both the French car romantic value of the German car and the sense of control. The DearAuto of the car also has a set of standard "nice, open, easy to use, before they try to know, whether good, only through behind the long-term use to test, of course, whether it is worthwhile to start, to officially listed prices in November 16th, the sale price is above 190 thousand in the previously announced. The French born with a powerful and unconstrained style temperament, the French car is very easy to let some people resist, such as DS models, while Citroen had the Peugeot models of aging, gradually lost its charm. In the new generation Peugeot 308, 4008 and Citroen C6 launched the market, the legal system is gradually regain its rightful place. In the view of DearAuto, Dongfeng Peugeot is the real big kill, because it is the largest market for compact SUV, itself has a unique advantage, the Dongfeng Peugeot two Peugeot 2008, SUV – 3008, was really a bit small. Nice: not known even is amazing in this look at the face of the era, Yan value becomes the core competitiveness of a vehicle, but some of the companies did not have the courage to change, becoming more conservative in terms of design, making the "doll face" prevailed, you will also get fatigued. At the September Chengdu auto show the first time I saw the 4008, there is a kind of amazing feeling, popular is said to be fashionable avant-garde, bold and dynamic, not the conventional and not the alternative. In Yunnan Lijiang drive to meet again in 4008, it once again impressed: but many lines did not look messy. 4008 long width height of 45101850 1662mm (with luggage rack), wheelbase reached 2730mm, its size in the same level models are not small, but does not look bloated. Headlight styling is very personal, with the top model with LED light source. Light brow position is LED daytime running lights, and other similar dot grid, this is a full line standard. The rear styling is more beautiful, it is similar with the 308 overall design, but more bold lines, also more fierce, a very high degree of recognition. In comparison, the shape of the car to the front of the car is easier to accept some, not too alternative. DearAuto driving is one of the 4008 top models, it uses 19 inch wheels at this level models is big, the car with the 17 inch or 18 inch wheels are more than 4008 in the top, the other models are 17 or 18 inches. Top five.